English spoken

In my practice I am offering you psychotherapy, psychological counseling and coaching in English

Crisis intervention
Quick help in personal emergencies

I provide various psychological methods and treatments such individual behavioural therapy for burnout, depressive state of mind, anxiety and other psychological difficulties, also including elements from other therapy schools such as systemic couple and family therapy as well as embodiment based interventions.

My holistic approach includes goal-oriented methods to capacity building and increasing of life quality.

Couples / relationship counseling
Guidance to managing and overcoming conflicts and to developing new communication levels

Activation and integration of individual resources in business and private life, especially for stressmanagement to prevent and overcome burnout

Personality development
Support in discovering and growing into your full potential

The basic concept I work with is Logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl. This is a value and meaning centered psychotherapy, allocated to behavioural therapies. It follows the question how one manages to approve of life – even in the most difficult and demanding circumstances.
Everybody is basically in search of meaning and wants to realize personal values.
Logotherapy is a wonderful support to discover the meaning to one´s own life and to foster the process of holistic healing.

My approach includes methods from:

  • mindfulness based stress reduction
  • resource and goal-oriented therapy
  • short-time therapy
  • behaviour therapy
  • imaginative therapy
  • systemic therapy
  • psychokinesiology
  • embodiment
  • astrological psychology

I can offer you flexible daytime and evening hours. Looking forward to meeting you!